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Queer studs exposed during photoshoots

Queer studs exposed during photoshoots

Queer studs exposed during photoshoots captured from then and now. All models come from various backgrounds but were in their early twenties at the time

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Queer studs exposed during photoshoots

Oh yes, while he is straight he certainly was eager to play

Another super hot dude with everything in just the right amount. You can see from his photos he is fun and full of energy. He’s got a new girlfriend he adores, and you can tell he is also tender and attentive. A total dreamboat package!

Rick decided to bring it in with a bang; shooting his hot load for our cameras.

. After retiring to the sofa, Matty puts on a show.

He begins by seductively teasing the camera with his feet, begging the lens to follow as he brings toes to lips and sucks for a while.

Toss finds out out about Casper’s sneaky fuck with TJ at the office reception, he decides to make him pay for it, but in a way he will not forget easily. After calling him to his office and confronting him, he orders Casper to wear a toy for the rest of the day. And if he thinks he can cheat his way out of this one, he’s very much mistaken as Ross checks up on him constantly with a final check at the end of the day when he removes it and finishes off

Jonny is back for a shoot he begins with a few push ups as he is always conscious about trying to look good.

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Kevin a third generation Irish-American who is a native New Yorker. He is a giant, standing 6’5″ tall. Thereโ€™s nothing like the look on a guyโ€™s face right before the first time. Itโ€™s going to be a classic. There were lots of โ€œfirstsโ€ in this

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Queer studs exposed during photoshoots
Beau enforces a strict new dress code for his hired help, Teddy. The new dress code turns both guys on for a hot home-office kiss-fest.

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