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Carter Dane & Shane Cook

Love in the afternoon for Carter and Shane

Gay Simple Life

This group of beefcake models is taking on the ‘Simple Life’.

Jack Hunter & Taylor Reign

Motel lovers Jack and Taylor meet up.

Cute Jeremy Kissing Danny

Cute Jeremy kissing Danny in behind scenes glamor photos featuring sexy good looking men They get to know each other beginning with a sweet make out session.

Fresh Oregon male who’s a ripe 21 year old adorable gay boy. Bisexual blond Jeremy Price is interested to find out what makes this guy tick. The guys talk coming out, dating, and get into detail about his first time which was on a school trip to Germany.

Gay Love Is..

Sweet smiling guys hugging in bedroom in Photoshop edit. They are both wearing shirts & seem very happy. Well paired duo look like they are a perfect couple. It’s a gay love match !

Office Hunk Gay Amateur Male Model

Chance to invite home from the office a hot jock. They been fantasizing about him and wanting to worship his body. Selected young Marc because of his amazing lean muscular body


Guy running up the stair in park shows how important running is to him by laying his legs on stairs one last time. Why he is running we do not know.

Damien Gay Amateur Male Model

21 year old Damien takes off his shirt in mind blowing set of images that make up this perfect collage. Shows him in various poses including a shirtless capture.

Damien stands a very tall 6 foot 2 and weighing in at 185lbs of sexy lean muscle. He likes to hang out at the gym working on his sexy body and he loves to go hiking on any new trails that he can find. He’s an avid outdoorsman and you won’t catch him being lazy sitting on his couch playing video games. You can catch him here taking off his shirt. Enjoy

Jayden Middleton Locker Jock

Sexy and buff as hell ! He takes center stage in the locker room in a cute yellow and black combo, little shorty shorts and a fine mesh vest which grazes the top off each bulging chest and abdominal muscle. Laying back puts his hands on his pants and teases.

Muscle Stud Zack Gay Amateur Male Model

Before he went to the gym, they asked Zack to try another one of their toys. This time, they thought it might be cool to see the muscled jock see a brand new toy recently ordered online. Who better than him to put it to the test! Fun at its best.

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