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Shy Guys Become Confidant Models

Shy Guys Become Confidant Assured Models in this collage that shows some really sweet men. They get more comfortable after the photographer gets acquainted with them


Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

They love it when a model enjoys what he does and such is the case with Sebastian. From the moment they laid eyes on him they knew they were going to love filming him for you. He’s got a lean, muscular body, a hot hair cut and some of the sexiest bedroom eyes they’ve seen on a guy in quite a while. He is not very experienced when it comes to filming things and he was very shy in the beginning of the shooting.

Tim is a rather shy and experienced who´s interested in programming languages and computers. But he loves real life just as much and hopes the right guy comes his way.
It’s a strange old world really. You’d think that people who apply to model on these sites would be big, brash and confident but again, they find themselves with a shy guy! Not quite sure why Tim was nervous, after all he’s got a cute face, slim body

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Brent is a knock out 6 foot 2 str8 piece of hunky man candy, and fortunately for them, a guy who’s down for just about anything. So when we told him he would be everyones baby for all time he was all smiles and ready to go.

Gay Amateur Men Photo gif

Gay Amateur Men Photo gif

This guy was so quiet and shy that they could hardly get a word out of him. He’s a straight guy, out here for “work”, and maybe a little fun. He told them that he’s done a model shoot before with about 10 other guys and one girl, so they knew he has an adventurous side.

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