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Smorgasbord good looking studs

Smorgasbord good looking studs

Smorgasbord with good looking men shirtless post featuring some various men from Europe and North America as well as bisexual latino from South America

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Smorgasbord good looking studs

British guy is downright fun! He just loved the feeling of being in his birthday suit in a very sensual manner

Prince Harry is back the guy I think is a dead-ringer for him, He is back for a duo shoot with another newbie. It’s always interesting when you pair guys together for their first duo films and this one sure was enlightening… you just never know what’s going to happen

Jayson, boyish blue eyed blond featured so very long ago. After a 4 year stint in the Marines and lots of hard physical work, he returns tall (6’3 to be exact), very blond and sporting a very well defined hunky 205 pounds of solid muscle. To go with his new manly look, he decided on a new name as well.


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George is a straight Marine, a little over 6 feet tall and more about 8 inches and yes he has some serious good looks.

19 year old straight Marine that I met through a buddy of mine. He had too much fun doing this, and it was hard for me to get him to be quiet, but he’s so cute! He’s a huge flirt / tease, and I was really never sure if he was talking to me or doing it for the camera. Of course he would never admit that he was teasing me because he’s straight after all.


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Smorgasbord good looking studs

The Patrick photoshoot turned out pretty hot. Seeing Patrick getting kissed was hot. After their initial warmup fitness class is ready to push the limits and go for the gold

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