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Soulful looking guys showing best assets

Soulful looking guys showing best assets for camerashots taken around the globe. These young attractive men love posing for their admirers who are plenty


Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage

Shirtless Amateur Gay Men Photo Collage


Nicolas was out of school and Danny was able to take time off work so bringing them out was pretty easy. Watch young Kane when he’s alone at home in front of his computer.




Ron seemed to be the typical party Frat boy kind of guy when, and I really thought I had him pegged…BUT, then I found out he was married from a story he was telling me. He doesn’t wear a ring. He said that he likes any kind of girl.


Neil looking as buffed as ever this time shooting him in the studio really allowed us to exaggerate his muscle. Neil is really defined and he loves showing off his body.

Our gentle giant, Kevin returns. In this movie we paired him up with Bobby. Kevin is over Bobby in more ways than one. Turns out he is sort of the town handy-man of a nearby village. He’s helped build houses and fix cars.


Johnny Dirk is back and he’s brought some friends with him! Dirk teams up with square jawed stud Emil Garin and newbie Cosmo Babu to lay the smack down.

When he arrives and he can’t resist taking a peek through her post. He’s surprised to find no knitting mags, but a filthy stash of top notch, all male magazines.




LGBT Men Video Montage


Dane works as naked waiter and was our first true video star, setting the standard for future solo videos. This posh boy’s toned, shaved he loves to share every inch of his body with us.



Gay Amateur Men Photo gif

Gay Amateur Men Photo gif


Straight stud Julian gets it on with cute Peter. These two hotties hit it off as soon as they clapped eyes on one another, and it wasn’t long before what began as passionate kissing moved on to deep kissing from real life lovers

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