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Gay Amateur Male Models Henry – Myles – Trey – Jake

gay amateur male photo
It’s a full on party for Henry, Myles, Trey and Jake in this sauna visit! Once the good times starts there’s so much fun to go around that all the boys get a taste of it before some love is plundered. Hairy hunk Myles gets his love warm in Jake’s affection before they switch it up and Henry want’s a piece of that action, bending over to take it while Jake gets loved by Trey too.

Gay Amateur Male Models JJ & Levi & Justin

gay amateur male photo

As far as JJ is concerned three is the perfect number, especially if it involves Levi & Justin , two guys he’s long wanted to have scenes with. So, the producer just makes it happen, with the guys adding some love action into the mix.

At first it’s just JJ & Levi making out while Justin sits behind them watching the show. His gaze is locked on that of JJ who loves being watched, but also wants to watch. he spent guys share some final kisses but a lasting connection.



gay amateur male photo

Gay Amateur Male Model Deklan

Gay Amateur Male Models Jack & Vincent

gay amateur male photo

Jack & Vincent were in town last week and wanted to show everyone his new sexy look. Wasn’t too long before the conversation turned to his wanting to do another video and get modelling for everyone to see.

When Vincent models for photographer Jack he can barely conceal his attraction to him. Yet, as much as he flirts with him, Jack remains a professional. That is until Vincent loses concentration and gets distracted when he gets a look at Vincent’s mouth-watering body stretching out his underwear. He suspends the photo-session and professionalism goes out the window as they kiss deeply.

And for one last time Jack grabs his camera to snap a pic of Vincent’s face…and the art they created together.

gay amateur male photo

Gay Amateur Male Models Billy, Ford & Danny
Gay Men Love
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