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Adam Awbride & Sean Peek Beefcake

College classmates falling in love.

Austin Wolf & Avery Jones Beefcake

Opposite attraction for Austin and Avery

Avery Jones & Kai Locks Beefcake

Another day another Avery with Kai this time.

Ben Masters & Shane Cook Beefcake

They be looking right at you.

Brian Jovovich & Raf Koons Beefcake

Geez… this looks right out of a romance novel.

Carter & Cade Gay Amateur Male Models

Carter acts out the raw, intense fantasy of total submission he imagined when he first saw Cade and it all happens in the dreamy dead of night.

Mick & Harris Gay Amateur Male Models

A few years ago, some of the stars went to Australia to participate in the legendary Mardi Gras. Not only did the boys get to meet their fans from around the world, but they also got some time to visit the country. During this Australian trip, Mick and Harris created a strong bond with each other.

Ayden Gay Amateur Male Model

Tall, athletic, and handsome 22-year-old Ayden loves hiking, and getting out in nature. He is an avid gym buff, but prefers exercising outside when the weather permits. When he isn’t outdoors you can find him working the bar with his good looks. ‘I would consider myself as gay. I’m attracted to men, and basically always have been. I love anyone who takes care of his body. You don’t have to be super fit, but just look good.

Cam & Brysen Gay Amateur Male Models

Muscular Cam is anxiously waiting for his partner to arrive. His nerves are all over the place since he has no idea that ripped cutie Brysen will be joining him, but he’s being a real sport about the impending mystery. ‘I thought I might get lucky yesterday when I flew in, but I have no idea who he is,’ says attractive Cam.

Jay & Paul & Rocco Gay Amateur Male Models


Straight guy Jay is a contractor and a Brooklyn Boy through and through.


You’ll love their cutest model, his sexy feet and great looks.

Rocco Martin

Muscle men and male body builders.

Clark & Taylor Gay Amateur Male Models

Clark makes his debut with Taylor! Clark’s first time jitters melt away as he makes out with Taylor, who in turn finds the trigger points on his ripped muscle body.

Michael & Vadim Gay Amateur Male Models

Michael is skating down Boulevard when he runs into Vadim hanging by the beach. The two buds head off to burn and soon one thing leads to another. Vadim makes the first move .

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