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Straight Dancer Shows Moves

Mickey Beefcake Amateur Male Model
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Tyler Beefcake Amateur Male Model

This Emo Looks Familiar. Some of you may already be familiar with Dallas native, Tyler! This emo beefcake has made the rounds already. Appearing on a few sites within the Network. He tells Andy that he didn’t really “come out”. Was instead outed when his parents found his stash! He talks about his plans for the future like being in business for himself and some of his adventures.

Robbie Beefcake Amateur Male Model

Robbie is the perfect beefcake model: boyish, clever and armed with an infectious smile. Luckily for us, this twenty-one year old is a local! Robbie is a student at the school and believes his college years are the time to do something crazy. Something bold. Something like beefcake modelling. He tells about how he came out with a splash and a Grindr hookup that turned into an impromptu session. He says his butt is probably his sexiest feature they’re hard pressed to argue!

If they had a million beefcake models just like Robbie. There still wouldn’t have enough! Lean and youthful, clever and absolutely boyish. Robbie is basically perfect. He got into modelling for the sake of doing something crazy with his youth. The photographer cannot wait to throw a few other beefcake models at him!

Mickey Beefcake Amateur Male Model

After a journey into the private world of a gogo dancers. The photographer found it fascinating just how many times a gogo beefcake model has for making money. There are taking a look at Mickey’s approach which is totally different from the others. Mickey is as straight as the pole he uses on the dance floor. That doesn’t stop him from flirting with the guys like a pro! “For me, it’s a job!”, he says. With his rock hard abs and lean muscular body, Mickey has no problem attracting the attention of any guy. Want to see how he does it? Stick around for the end because this hunk does what he doesn’t do even in his private dances!

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