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Inspiration Britney Spears Tribute
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Alex James & Jesse Nice

Arms crossed for Alex and Nice as they look like army hunks.

Anteo Chara & Matt Anders

That’s an intense shirt ! Anteo and Matt look ready for seduction.

Ashton Summers & Parker Grant

Fireside chat for Ashton and Parker in this romantic scene.

Blake Mitchell

The sexist beefcake with glasses would be Blake.

Corbin Colby & Zach Letoa

They must be lovers ! Corbin and Zach are getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Zak Parker Gay Amateur Male Model

Since their first conversation was about health and fitness the photographer decided to shoot him in the gym because he wanted to see what kind of workout he did. Okay, he wanted to see his sexy body working out.

Inspiration Britney Spears Tribute

Inspiration Britney Spears Tribute with lots of good looking men while they work out shirtless. Ms Spears has many quotable lines… she’s a gay goddess

Dempsey Stearns & Shane Erickson Gay Amateur Male Models

It’s too hot to be practicing for the track team, and Shane has a way to beat the heat. Dempsey takes him up on the opportunity to get out of the scorching sun and beat some records at the same time.

Andreas Gay Amateur Male Model

Andreas is 20 yrs old and a college student specializing in sports education….which means he spends a lot of times with guys showering in the locker room.

Marc & Ryan Gay Amateur Male Models

Marc and Ryan relax on the bed as they have a small chat about their time in the armed forces. He kicks his head back and enjoys life.

Johnny & Connor Gay Amateur Male Models

When Johnny’s ex shows up at the door, he knows something is up with his boyfriend… again. Connor has been having trouble with his boyfriend for quite some time, and Johnny has often lent a sympathetic ear to his troubles, but today, it seems Connor wants a little more than just a good listener. He asks Johnny if he ever thinks about the two of them, and Johnny says he does from time to time. Connor smiles and Johnny smiles back, as they inch closer towards each other. When they kiss, all the old sparks are set off, but Johnny isn’t ready for the new heat Connor is bringing.

Aspen & Dustin Gay Amateur Male Models

Aspen & Dustin Steele have come outside where Aspen has a training tire in the parking lot. The challenge is to see who can flip the tire the fastest and whoever wins gets to kiss the other. Dustin looses the challenge and when they both get back to the locker room.

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