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Sean Zevran & Micky Jr

Fantasy match up for Sean and Micky.

Timothy Shaw

That’s come hither look if one ever did see.

Timothy Blue

Even though he has red hair his name is blue.

Josh Brady & Ashtin Bates

Creative artistic photo.

Trenton Ducati & Alexander Gustavo

Another fantasy match – this time with Trenton & Alexander.

Enjoy Muscles Lots Muscle Men

Another montage video clip with muscle guys working out. Lots of sexy guys taking off their shirts. Because that’s what sexy muscle guys like to do !

Roman & Manuel Gay Amateur Male Models

It’s a windy, stormy night in Fort Lauderdale when Manuel joins Roman in the hot tub. Roman’s ready to make a transaction, but he wasn’t expecting Manuel to put the moves on him and expect more than the cash.

Donnie Gay Amateur Male Model

Donnie is a confident man and when he’s on a Holiday break he doesn’t waste any time. Just like many other College kids Donnie likes to stay in as much as he can. His skin is smooth with some ink and he has a punk skater feel to him but he stays neutral and rocks his own style. He’s not one for showing off or having a big ego but show it all off and boy did

Dacotah & Jamie Gay Amateur Male Models

As soon as his boyfriend exits for the airport, Jamie pulls out his secret lover Dacotah from the closet. When the boyfriend comes back in, Jamie is caught red handed. As his relationship walks back out the door, Jamie doesn’t seem too upset, telling Dacotah that he’ll be back and not to worry. That’s good enough for Dacotah, who is only here for a little bit of loving, and that’s just what Jamie has to give him. Freed from the burden of potentially being caught, Dacotah and Jamie let their inhibitions go.

Zion Gay Amateur Male Model

Once the interview is over Dirk tells Zion to get undressed and once he does he reveals his sexy big smile.

Devin & Kurtis Gay Amateur Male Models

Devin is changing in the locker room when Kurtis walks in and demands that he and Devin have a workout to help team morale.


Nash is a 21 yr old soccer coach, and a total hot stud! We knew we had to get a look at his hot fit body and his good looks the minute he came through the door.

Alex Orioli

Alex graduated from the School of acting. He understands choreography and knows camera angles better than my videographer.

Parker Johnson

gay amateur male gif

This sexy, once military brat is a Libra and says he’s very much the typical Libra always wanting balance and peace in his life and his surroundings.

Jesse Davis

Jesse has a very natural beauty that people find really sexy. Letting him do his own workout and session without any input from anyone. That seemed to be the best way to showcase his talent.

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